Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cool Tools: Coding

Coding has always been an intriguing endeavor to me. I have dabbled in it at different times, never quite having enough patience to see a project fully through. The use of coding in the classroom had not really been on my radar before Cool Tools for Schools. Reviewing the resources and programs has given me hope that it will be possible to incorporate coding into my K-5 library program.

First and foremost, I was encouraged and relieved to see that coding could be accessed through web programming. Lacking tablet technology, I am reliant on somewhat dated netbooks. Further hope came as I explored the programs and found options that did not require logins or registrations. Class times are tight, so to be able to use programs without burning up time on logins will be a major asset.

In terms of specific uses within my curriculum, I am obviously not at the point where I have a solid plan. I foresee myself  providing some exploration days for various grade levels and then monitoring student ability. I definitely plan on adding it as a station for technology development choices.